Who has not lost a dear being?
Have not all of us suffered this immense and intense pain?
A dear person dies, the pain fills you and your life changes radically... Death, Separation, Loss... words that stay in the air before our common pain.

This personal, intimate and tragic fact; this pain felt by most of us in some moment of our life, affects us all.With this project, " Album of a Loss ", I want to consider this pain, to honour this loss and make it universal, since it constitutes a common reality.

I can speak about my personal experience, the loss of a young brother, but with this work I wish to honour all the beings the majority of us will lose at some moment in our life.

What happens with this suffering?
We feel it, endure it, it accompanies us... and, little by little, it disappears. We get used to it and every time it feels more distant and habitual.

It hides itself?
We stop suffering or our soul gets used to the same pain?

I want to claim the continuity of this pain, as our right and that of the missing person.
This pain lasts and follows us in our lives.

Is it right, with this dear person, that the pain disappears?
I believe that we owe it to him and we should never forget it...
We must continue suffering and remembering.

We must honour him every day! Until our reunion...Common pain, universal pain perceived by all in some moment. So intense and heart-breaking, that we cannot allow him todisappear with the passage of time.
I claim the right to suffer this pain until the last day of my life...

Therefore... the honouring is an obligation.